Pink is For Girls and Blue is For Boys

As I discussed in my previous blogs, color in interior design has a huge impact on our psychology. The color we choose to paint our room can affect our moods and emotions, and that’s why it’s very important to know each color’s psychology effects before choosing the right colors for your home.

In addition to psychology, we also have to take gender into consideration when choosing the right color for our homes. There’s a reason why we paint a new-born baby boy’s nursery blue and the girl’s pink. Males and Females see color in different ways, and get effected by them differently as well.

Even though colors are not considered “female” or “male”, we tend to classify them according to our gender. The most two distinguished colors according to gender are: Pink and Blue.

We all know pink is for girls and blue is for boys; at least for interior design. Surprisingly, pink was not always associated for girls. In fact, around the 20th century, when people first started classifying colors according to genders, the accepted rule was pink for a boy and blue for a girl. The reason was that pink, being a stronger color, is more suitable for a boy, while blue, which is more delicate and graceful, is prettier for a girl. Now, it is the complete opposite.

It is not just color, men and women see interiors in a different way as well. Men’s eyes are more drawn to small details and moving objects. Women are interested in changes in color. Color design is more interesting for women; and too many decorations can be disturbing to men, unlike women.

According to statistics, 56% of men and 76% of women prefer cool colors (Blue, Green, Purple), and 51% men and 45% women chose bright colors (Orange, Red, Yellow). 57% of men and 35% of women prefer blue as apposed to other colors.

how_men_and_women_see_colors   images



1. Men like yellow more than women.

2. Blue for men stands out far more than for women.

3. Men prefer blue to red.

4. Men prefer orange to yellow.

5. Men are generally more tolerant toward achromatic colors than women. (Achromatic mean “free of color”).

6. Men prefer stronger and brighter shades of color than women.

7. Men become more stressed and bored in grey rooms than women do.

Styles for Men: Men like wood. Men prefer black for rooms and clothes. In clothes, it is a seductive color, and in rooms, it stirs up emotion of strength and authority. Men like green as well in their interiors. For them, it is the color of nature; therefore it has an organic quality to it, and it expands a room’s strength.

Black-Lounge-Chair-With-Green-Cushions-In-Front-of-Fireplace  masculine 1


1. Women prefer red to blue.

2. Women prefer yellow to orange.

3. Women take more attention to color and their color tastes are more flexible and diverse.

4. Blue-green is more favored by women than men.

5. Women prefer tints more than shades (Tints are colors with white added – soft shades – and Shades are colors with black added).

6. Women are more relaxed in grey rooms than men.

7. Women are more likely than men to have a favorite color.

Styles for Women: Women like accessories, especially tall ones in a nice color. For them, it adds diversity and style to the room. Women like brown in their interiors. Since its the color of earth, the lighter shades of brown with a cream accent represent women’s connection to earth and gives a feel of stability. Women also like blue in their spaces because it promoted physical and mental relaxation. It eases stress and adds calmness to a room.

Picture 233  40-Friendly-and-Fresh-Blue-Interior-Designs-36


4 thoughts on “Pink is For Girls and Blue is For Boys

  1. A lady I knew once said that ‘men can be neat, but only women can be clean.’ Her reasoning is that men remove clutter, but are blind to fingerprints and dust. We don’t wipe them down because we cannot see them.

    Women generally like a busier living space.


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