Tips On How To Use Color Psychology In Your Home

When it comes down to choosing the right colors for your home, many people do the mistake of choosing their favorite colors, or choosing colors and objects that “look good.” What many people don’t know is that color effects your mood and emotions, and can completely change the atmosphere of any particular room. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right colors for your home using color psychology:

1. Use bright colors to create the illusion of space

Bright colors actually make a room seem bigger; so you have a small room, color it with a bright color. Yellow is a great color for that. However, try to void white, although it can add space and it is the safest color, it is nowhere near as effective as tinted colors.

tasty-color-painting-ideas-for-living-room-bright-blue-wall-paint-colors-living-room-design-how-to-choose Bright-Colorful-Scandinavian-Living-Room-Design-with-Warm-Red-Sofa-under-the-Line-Wall-Shelf-also-Elegant-Black-Table-above-the-Beige-Rugs-and-Modern-Black-Sofa-above-the-Wooden-Floor

2. Don’t use black on walls

Black isn’t a good choice of paint color for most rooms as it makes a room seem a lot tighter and smaller than it is. Try using a lighter color for your walls.

Black-Walls-2 2-Rooms-With-Black-Walls

3. Use red in kitchens

Red builds an appetite for many people, that is why it is great for kitchens at home. Also, if you notice, many restaurants have red in their dining rooms. However, if you have high blood pressure, stay away from red.

red-painted-kitchen-cabinets-painting-kitchen-cabinets-decorating-ideas-setbrfxt white-red-kitchen

4. Use deep tones for winter

If you live in a city that is cold all year round, deep tones are good for you to keep warm all the time. Using reds, oranges and yellows in your home paint decor can make the home seem more welcoming from the outside or warmer on the inside – especially during the winter.

winter-room-setting DSC_0490

5. Use cold colors for summer

On the contrary, if you live in a city that is warm all year round; like in the gulf, cold colors like blue, are very good for you to keep cool during the hot times. Especially the lighter shades of blue, will make your home seem fresh, cool and clean during the summer. White and blue are a very good combination for this time.

coolsummercolor amanda nisbet cornflower blue bedroom

6. Bathrooms are good for colors you like

If you are dying to paint your favorite color somewhere, the bathroom is the safest place to do so. You want to look and feel good when you check yourself in the bathroom mirror. Having a favorite color in the background really does help. Use a color you really like.

viewing-gallery-for-luxury-bathrooms white-red-bathroom-floor-tub

7. If you have an office in your home, paint it green

Green inspires concentration in a home office setting. In addition to a green plant, try painting the room with a light shade of green. However, don’t over-do it. Over-doing it can be distracting. Green is one of the most popular colors being used right now in home design.

4.-green-wall-books home-office-white-green

8. Use yellow in entrances or porches

Yellow is known to boost your metabolism and make you optimistic. As you leave for the day to go to work or school, the yellow paint in an area of the entrance will give you one last boost of optimism to start your day.

9781588167392_int_058-075 04-budget-boost

9. Use white bathroom fixtures

There’s a reason bathroom fixtures are usually white. White not only symbolizes fertility and cleanliness, but it also makes cleaning easier in the bathroom. You don’t want stains to be hidden so they go without being cleaned. Knowing that the bathroom is clean and fresh with lovely white paint can put your mind at ease and inspire relaxation.

6a010536a6eee6970c01127966725828a4-450wi allwhite-083013

10. If nothing works, look to nature

When using color psychology in your home, it is best if you choose paints that remind you of nature. Colors that appear in nature will blend perfectly in your home interior. However, with the exterior of your home, bright colors are, more often than not, the best choice for a more welcoming living space.

Warm-Forest-Murals-in-Living-Room download


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