Spicing Up Neutral Colors in Your Home

Now that we know most of the colors and their psychology and affects, let’s go on to how we can apply those colors most efficiently to our homes. When choosing neutral colors for your home, you got to be careful where and how to apply them. Too much of any neutral color can be lifeless and boring, but there are ways to make a neutral room less boring and more interesting.

1. Mix different shades of the same color

If you choose to color your room with only one color, like beige for example, try mixing different shades of beige together. The gradient from light to dark beige across the space makes the room more lively and much more interesting.


2. Add details and accessories

Details such as a picture frame on the wall that is in a different color than the furniture can add emphasis to the room and adds shimmer to the walls. Details and accessories add a great deal to a space and makes the space much more fun and exciting. It’s little details that make a difference, even if it is something as simple as the legs of a table. A plant can be good too, the contrast of the different colors can be nice for a space. A patterned and vibrant pillow can go a long way as well.

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3. Use patterned furniture

For a room with plain walls, adding patterned and contrasting color furniture is good for a neutral room. If the walls and the furniture were plain colors, the room would be very plain and boring, so adding life to the furniture adds life to the room. Animal prints in fabrics are a good example. Patterns contrast neutral colors and add interest. In a room of neutrals it’s very important to add texture, and floors are a great place for this. Layering rugs is an easy texture trick. Persian rugs are a good example for this.

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4. Add large mirrors

Mirrors can make a room seem bigger. Use reflective pieces to add interest to rooms with a neutral palette. Mirrors can be used as focal points for a neutral space and makes the space more full and appealing.


5. Use wood effects to create texture

There are so many great wood available in beautiful neutral colors. Wood patterns can create a textural elegance that is definitely not boring.


6. Add Art pieces

Art pieces like paintings and sculptures can be great for making a neutral room more colorful, exciting, and vibrant. Art makes a room much more interesting and can add great effects to a simple space.


7. Focus on shape and geometry

When the color palette is neutral, shapes become more useful and should be taken into consideration. The shape of the table and the round curves on a chair set the tone and makes the room more interesting. Geometric shapes within a neutral palette create a soft modern aesthetic.


8. Use contrasting colors 

This is probably one of the most effective ways to add more life to a neutral rooms and make it more interesting. Using bright contrasting colors like pink or red, even in small detail, can make a room much less boring. Its a great way to spice up a neutral space. 

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9. Mix materials

Materials are very important in interior design. Adding different materials in one space can cause a striking effect and makes the space much more interesting and unique and create a visually stimulating room. Don’t match your woods; different colors and textures are more interesting.


10. Show your architectural elements

With a simple neutral room, architectural elements like an arch or a column can be a great detail to your space.